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31-Jan-2018 06:27

And, there have been a whole lot of games for that matter.

Since its launch in September of 1995, there have been a grand total of more than 800 games released for the system.

There was an overworld, a party of characters with different, complementary abilities that leveled up in a rather linear progression, towns and villages to be visited with characters who all knew one line of dialog, dungeons to be raided, combat that was based on “random encounters”, and a battle screen that was completely separate from the rest of the game. And nowadays the JRPG is still doing strong, influencing even games that aren’t strictly speaking JRPGs like the infamous Yakuza series.

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Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on As its name suggests, Chrono Trigger revolves around time and time travel, and takes place across various periods of time as the characters race against—you guessed it—time to stop the world from ending.Gung Ho Online Entertainment America is releasing six more Japanese PSone Classics!Persona 2: Innocent Sin (I know Atlus is releasing the PSP version in America, but some people might prefer the original version of the game.) Policenauts Suiko Gaiden Vol. Better yet, it takes the English text from the official translation and puts it into the International version, translating the small amount of new text in the process. The [email protected] SP fan translation project has been ongoing awhile now.

1 Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden Tales of Phantasia Tear Ring Saga Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (sadly will remain incomplete, but they got like 99% of the stuff translated) Also what is this thread's opinion on 'undubs'? I didn't really want to get into undubs in this thread though. It says they are stalled at the moment, I have no idea if/when they will resume.

After a couple of days, some notes scribbled on scrap paper, and a harrowing process of whittling the list down to 10, I came up with my answers.

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And, there have been a whole lot of games for that matter.… continue reading »

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