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11-Sep-2017 20:29

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That's the old I'm-not-a-racist-but-everyone-else-is dodge. I mean, you've had over 20 years with the guy; I find it hard to believe there's been no indication this was coming.

At the same time, though, one's own children and their choices can test our beliefs with a force that little else can. You have to do better than "because they are" if you want him to do better than "uncomfortable feelings." Ask him how he'd feel if a woman's parents saw your son as an inferior match for their daughter based on his skin color alone.

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Some of her readers were critical of Hax because she was pregnant with twins when she married her second husband, the father of her twins, her childhood friend Ken Ackerman, in November 2002.Somehow our intellect has become the only politically correct arbiter of a good mate, but that denies the value of sensory judgment. You can put a noble face on judging a jawline by telling yourself that people deserve to be loved as a whole. Even if you're a living birdbath and want only buff, bronze and blond, you're better off admitting that and cruising lifeguards accordingly than forcing yourself to be deep. Dear Carolyn: I'm getting married later this year to a great woman, and we're paying for the wedding ourselves.